Where it all started….for me, anyway..

It all started with this little movie called Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Maybe you’ve heard of it? I saw Cedric Diggory drop out of that tree, and my first thought was “hot DAYUM! Who is THAT?”  Then quickly remembered he was playing a seventeen year old boy. Remorse set in…until I went home and logged in to IMDB to find out exactly who this kid was. I’m sure you can imagine my surprise, and relief!, to find out his name was Robert Pattinson…and he was 19. Okay…still a little young, but he was over 18, so I didn’t feel so bad.

Aaah young Cedric! Who didn't think you were dreamy?
Aaah young Cedric! Who didn’t think you were dreamy?

Look at that baby face!

Some time passed, and I began to see posts about a movie being made based on the book Twilight. When I saw some of the things those girls were saying! Poor Rob. You’re way too hot for this.

I’d never read Twilight. I hadn’t really even heard of it until then. So, since I knew Rob was going to be in the movie, I read it….and was completely sucked in.

Let me clear up now that I COMPLETELY see the difference between Rob as Edward and Rob as himself. Edward may be the “perfect” man, but ROB, to me, is even BETTER.

I won’t even ADMIT how many times I saw Twilight…it’s embarassing, honestly.

We'll take your word on that, Rob...
We’ll take your word on that, Rob…

After that, though, I was HIT. Full on Rob fan. There was no help for me….not that I wanted any. 😛

Who can resist this?

Canne Rob. YummyliciousCannes Rob. Yummylicious
Beanie, Vodka Shirt, and Sexpenders. The perfect Robfit
Beanie, Vodka Shirt, and Sexpenders. The perfect Robfit

BUT….I’m not that crazy fan on the street screaming at him. I’m happy to worship from afar. Would I love to meet him? Um..HELL YES! But I wouldn’t want to make him uncomfortable or put him out of his way. I respect him, and I respect the amazing talent he has.

I have so many more things that I can say. But for now, I’m going to leave you with a video made by my good friend FakerParis.



  1. Cure Passion Said:

    I love the design! Its perfect!
    Haha I never knew Rob was Cedric until a couple weeks ago. When I found out,it changed my perspective on the Goblet of fire totally!
    Though I disagree on some points…(I actually can resist Rob)
    Well I’ll be watching this blog!
    (By the way its allstaralice!)

  2. eleen Said:

    i also don’t knew Rob is Cedric…look, how different their face…..but Rob in twilight is hot !!!!!!love Edward Cullen !

  3. Tanweer Said:

    I love Rob too…
    Well if your wondering that Tanweer is a boy then lemme tell you…im not a boy….i was named Tanweer….
    Anyways….Robert Pattinson rocks and since i got to know that Robert Pattinson was Credic… i was totally blank…i mean i watched goblet of fire in the theathre when i dint even know who Robert Pattinson was…
    When i started reading twilight this year (2009) my brother told me that there was a twilight movie too….ive watched twilight i dunno how many times (means ive lost count)… i abseloutley love Rob and Twilight and now ive begin to love Harry potter movies too… Rob and twilight have defiantly changed my life…
    im happy bout tht!

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  5. cortney davis Said:

    when i listen to never think i feel so much passion and i just open up for some reason, the next day at school i told the boy i really like that i really liked him and he likes me too. so i just want to thank you robert pattinson.
    P.S. your a very handsome man

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