The Many Faces of Rob..or..My Favorite Robacters

We are all, almost painfully, aware of Rob’s most well-known role..

Shirtless Robward? Yes, please!

Shirtless Robward? Yes, please!

Edward Cullen. But, in my oh-so-humble opinion, that is not his best role. Not that I’m saying he isn’t good in the part, because I honestly believe he is. I’m simply stating that he has other characters, or “Robacters”, that I’ve enjoyed more.
I’m not going to go through these chronologically, just in the order of the characters I like most, ending in my most favorite.
So let’s start with….

Poor, haunted Toby  Jugg

Poor, haunted Toby Jugg

The recently paralyzed pilot, who is also in love with his aunt, is sent to a special hospital to recover from his injuries. I’m sure you’ve all seen it, and if you haven’t GO TO YOUTUBE NOW! It’s amazing and haunting. You can almost FEEL the same hysteria he begins to feel. Plus, who DOESN’T love the way he “kisses” his cigarette away from his lips? *sigh*
And now we come to…

Poor, lovable, neurotic Art

Poor, lovable, neurotic Art

Aaah, Art. What a sweet, lovably neurotic character you are. How can you not feel sorry for him? His parents hate him, he lost his girlfriend, and he hires a very strange older man to follow him around to help him sort out his life. And I found it completely hilarious that he was also a struggling musician…a somewhat~in my humble opinion~horrible one, at that. I found myself rooting for Art throughout the film, and cheering for him at the end.
I recently had the pleasure of FINALLY watching the next film…

Rob as young Salvador Dali

Rob as young Salvador Dali

Rob’s performance as Dali was absolutely amazing. I felt myself going through the emotions that Dali must have felt. You could sense the torment, the love he had for Federico Garcia Lorca. I don’t want to say too much about this, as I’m sure not everyone has had a chance to see this beautiful film yet. But you must. It’s simply amazing, and further confirmed to me the incredible talent Rob holds.
And last, but most definitely not least…

From The Bad Mother's Handbook, Daniel Gale

From The Bad Mother's Handbook, Daniel Gale

Lovably adorkable, Daniel Gale. In love with his best female friend, who just doesn’t see him that way. It touches my heart how well he tries to take care of her. Who didn’t say “Awwww” when he came running down the street, yelling at her not to eat the squidgy ice cream? His awkwardness is completely endearing, and I found myself rooting for him to get the girl all the way throughout.
So there you have it. My fave Robacters. I’m sure, in the coming months, I’ll have even more to add, as I’m sure Tyler is going to be absolutely amazing. Is there anything Rob DOESN’T touch that he doesn’t do well. Oh no. Bad thoughts…creeping in….The things that man does to us. Honestly.


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